Sierra Cosworth 3Door repairs and refresh

My own personal project car; bought unfinished with many parts missing,it has been built up over a few years using parts from over 25 different cars. A lot of the parts either on the car or with the car turned out to be off a 4×4 or an XR, originally a Diamond white car at some point it had been resprayed in Moonstone blue.100_0006

The Cosworth seems to have spent a lot of its life off the road so the shell was in very good condition the only issues being a damaged rear panel and front bumper. Fully dismantled and a  strip down to bare metal revealed no repairs or dodgy filler work, and with a genuine Ford rear panel purchased the shell was soon prepped and into primer.

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The next decision was the colour- Effeti orange mica


Various parts for the interior had to be sourced due to either being missing or damaged.



The engine was in the car but a lot of the ancilliaries were missing; the main part being the ECU and loom, After dismantling the engine and finding some scoring a rebuild was needed, also a rebore, regrind and replacing the pistons pumps etc. Whilst rebuilding  a cometic gasket some green injectors, 3 bar map sensor and -31 actuator made it on to the car along with a 4×4 intercooler.

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The usual Samco hoses, stainless and alloy parts found their way into the build along with a few new genuine Ford parts.


In keeping with the rest of the build the underside and the suspension was also treated to repainting along with all new brakes, shocks, poly bushes etc.


The original Cosworth’s interior had unfortunatly not been treated too well with the usual Recaro wear on the bolsters plus cigarette burns etc, the door cards had also suffered a hard life with various splits and holes drilled in them, As good replacement seats cost an arm and a leg the decision to retrim was the best option plus helps to add a bit of individualism to the car to match the exterior. The seats were re-upholstered in alcantara by my very talented better half, the door cards were repaired and also recoverd with the same material to match the seats.

S7301168 S7301171 S7301170 S7301169

A genuine RS 500 lower rear spoiler and bumper grills were sourced.


A set of replica RS 500 splitters were added with a view to swap to the real items when they become available.



Unfortunatley the car never quite made it onto the road despite only needing an Mot, tune and road tax. With the arrival of my daughter the Cossie entered storage where it stayed tucked away for 4 years.

The car finally came out of storage but being left for years has led to running issues and a roof collapse of the storage area has left the Cosworth in need of a little work .

cossie roof damage

Due to damage paintwork on almost every panel a full respray is needed, with whis in mind the Cosworth has been stripped down to a rolling shell.


Unfortunatly the original Effeti orange mica has now been discontinued but luckily Jason from a paint tinting  specialist came to the rescue and managed to replicate the colour.


A  few calls to my contacts and a rare genuine new roof skin has been sourced to replace the damaged one.

IMG_0996 IMG_0999 IMG_0997


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