Ryan Seabornes black 24v Capri MK3

This car was originally booked in to have custom steel arches made to cover 10 inch rims, however by the time it reached us it had been in a couple of accidents resulting in a wrecked front valance, a crushed o/s sill and floor, and a folded rear quarter.

There was an extensive amount of corrosion on the inner sill and leaf spring mounting point. A new section of chassis was fitted and a portion of the floor and inner sill replaced, the outer sill was then fitted.

Before the arches could be fitted the damaged areas needed to be repaired. A fibre glass front valance was used to replace the damaged one.

A section of rear quarter was donated from a scrapped Brooklands and grafted on to replace the damaged rear quarter.

With the repair work completed the custom arches could be fabricated. The front arches were widened by welding in a steel band.

The rear arches needed to be much wider. Front arch lips were narrowed and fixed into place with a larger steel band.

Ryan wished to have the front and rear de-bumpered and smoothed out.

The wings and front panels were refinished.

With the arches and repairs completed the car is now tucked away until later on in the year when Ryan intends to have the rest of the panel work brought up to scratch…

… and possibly finished in white with maybe a few more mods! Watch this space!



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