Ford Capri 280 Brooklands

Pauls 280 Brooklands at first glance looks great but on closer inspection is starting to show signs of corrosion in the usual areas.

Both sides of the scutttle panel are in need of some repairs

And the usual arches, sill ends and lower rear corners all need some new steel adding.

With the Brooklands dismantled and the panels off the car the rust removal can commence.

On closer inspection the original passenger wing had become too corroded to repair and is in need of replacing.

The rear arches have sufferred only a mild amount of corrosion so just a small amount of new arch lip is going to be needed.

 The top plates and inner wings are suffering from the usual amount of corrosion that the v6 shells suffer from,but the original wing has held up well with only the wing rail in need of repair.


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