Ford Capri 2.8 Injection Restoration


Restored a few years ago and unhappy with some of the paintwork the Capri was brought to us to rectify the issues but it soon became apparent that the Capri was in need of a lot more work than originally expected.

DSCF1124 no plate

IMG_0450 IMG_0451

Rust creeping from the seams and joins means that a lot of the panels will need to be removed


The combinatiom of rust and peeling paint has left little choice but to have the shell media blasted.

IMG_0453 IMG_0455 IMG_0501 IMG_0507 IMG_0515

IMG_0496 IMG_0516 IMG_0502 IMG_0500 IMG_0499 IMG_0517 IMG_0512 IMG_0508

With the Capri stripped to a bare shell and media blasted the full extent of the corrosion is visible

DSCF1276 DSCF1277

Just about every panel on the 2.8i has corrosion somewhere.

DSCF1279 DSCF1280 DSCF1281 DSCF1283 DSCF1285 DSCF1287 DSCF1290 DSCF1292 DSCF1302 DSCF1303 DSCF1304 DSCF1306 DSCF1307 DSCF1310

At the customers request we have carefully salvaged some of the  genuine Ford panels that were fitted at its last restoration, unfortunately not all could be saved and new items will need to be sourced.


A new roof skin will be needed due to the corrosion on the roof being irrepairable.


DSCF1329-001 DSCF1330 DSCF1334-001

The V6 reinforcement top plates have been removed as the owner was worried that there had been a lack of treatment betwwen the panels when the top plates had been replaced. A pair of new ex-pressed steel panels have been sourced and fitted.

DSCF1335 DSCF1343 DSCF1347

The heater bowl has had to removed to gain access to the bulkhead corrosion.

DSCF1350 DSCF1364 DSCF1370

The chassis has just as much corrosion as the rest of the panels, the leaf spring mounting points are wearing thin with only the thicker portions surviving. A repair kit from the Capri club will replace the rusty sections.


The inner wing V6 reinforcer has been removed and a section of the inner wing removed and a new section fabricated and grafted in.

DSCF1438 DSCF1439 DSCF1444 DSCF1446 DSCF1633 DSCF1634 DSCF1635 DSCF1638 DSCF1639 DSCF1640 DSCF1643 DSCF1656 DSCF1660 DSCF1662 DSCF1664 DSCF1667 DSCF1668 DSCF1672 DSCF1676


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