Blue X-Pack Capri MK3

Neal came to us with a standard Black 2.8i and a vision of an ultimate blue and white X-Pack Capri. I was happy to oblige….


The car was stripped down to a rolling shell in preparation for the mods. A fibresports X-Pack was supplied with full replacement wings as a straight forward exchange for the original ones.

Having fitting countless X-Packs in the past, I have templates that I have fabricated to enable me to remove the correct amount of steel from the rear inner and outer arches, to allow for fitment of much larger wheels that X-Packs demand.

A large band of specially shaped steel was then grafted into the inner arch to meet up with the outer fibreglass arches. An RS 3100 style boot spoiler was modified and blended into the boot lid.

With the inner arches modified, the X-Pack was then fitted.

Being a normal 2.8i the usual amount of structural repairs were carried out: A post repairs, suspension top mounts, wing rails, headlight bowls and rear valance.

Neal decide to go the whole hog and have the underside of the floor pan painted to match the rest of the shell.

The car was based up in white, including the engine bay, the stripes were then masked up and the blue added. The car was then lacquered all over.

The engine was detailed, colour coded, re-gasketed and fitted along with new hoses and stainless parts supplied by Neal.

The underside of the car was given the same treatment.

The car was re-fitted, with Neal providing a custom made interior- and so Neal’s vision was complete.

Featured in Retro Ford magazine October 2010







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