Black Capri MK1 Cosworth YB

This mark 1 capri was delivered to us as a rolling shell, it had various repairs done to it over the years and was basically a wreck, the customer wanted it re-built with custom arches, de-bumpered and powered by a cosworth YB turbo. This was no mean feat as the car had extensive corrosion to it and had numerous plates welded on top of plates, it resembled a patchwork quilt. Everything had to be taken out before we could start restoring it.

The bumper holes were welded up and some large air intakes were made for the extra air flow needed for the Sierra radiator and inter-cooler.

An example of the extent of the corrosion and inadequate repairs to the O/S A Post/ Footwell.

The battery had to be relocated further into the inner wing so a Be-spoke panel was fabricated and fitted into the off-side inner wing.

With the repairs to the inner sill and suspension mounting point completed, the passenger sill was added along with a section of the door shut/ B post and lower portion of the rear quarter panel.

Large Be-spoke arches were fabricated to cover the 18 inch wheels. After we were satisfied with the clearances the arches were seam welded in to place.

With all the plates and corrosion removed new A-Posts had to be fabricated and new inner and outer sills fitted.

An example of the extensive corrosion to the rear inner sill and suspension mounting point.

The off-side inner sill and suspension mounting point were in even worse condition.

All that was left of the off-side A-Post after the corrosion had been removed. New A-Posts had to be fitted and extensive sections of the floor had to be fabricated.

To build the larger front arches, Mark 3 Capri rear arch repair section were widened and fitted. They were then flared slightly

A custom cross member had to be fabricated to accommodate the Sierra Cosworth radiator being fitted further forward and lower down than usual. Leaving enough room at the top to fit the cosworth intercooler.

With all the repairs and mods completed the shell was prepped ready for paint.

The car was finished in black and thus the transformation was complete!


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