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Mk2 Capri 2.0S Cosworth YB Turbo Conversion

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Mk 1 Escort YB Cosworth turbo

Bought as just a bare shell with an axle and front crossmember this mk1 has been dry stored for the last 30 years. In excellent condition it will under go a total rebuild sporting candy red paintwork, Rs2000 decals, a Cosworth YB turbo engine, brake and suspension upgrades and stripped out interior. The underside has […]

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Sierra Cosworth 3Door repairs and refresh

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My own personal project car; bought unfinished with many parts missing,it has been built up over a few years using parts from over 25 different cars. A lot of the parts either on the car or with the car turned out to be off a 4×4 or an XR, originally a Diamond white car at […]

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MK2 Escort Mexico Cosworth NAYB

Our latest restoration project is this MK2 Escort Mexico already fitted with a normally aspirated Cosworth YB Engine, although a reasonably tidy looking Mexico looks can be deceiving. Like most good Mk2 Escorts, years of patching, repaints and various mods has left this Mexico in need of a full strip down and some TLC. Fitted with a […]

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MK1 Escort Cosworth 4×4

Having already built a V8 X-Pack Capri for Tony, he entrusted us with his latest project, a Mk1 Escort fitted with a Sierra floorpan and inner wings, powered by a Cosworth 4×4  engine and running gear. Although the car was running and road legal when bought, it was far from the finished ideal that Tony […]

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Black Capri MK1 Cosworth YB

This mark 1 capri was delivered to us as a rolling shell, it had various repairs done to it over the years and was basically a wreck, the customer wanted it re-built with custom arches, de-bumpered and powered by a cosworth YB turbo. This was no mean feat as the car had extensive corrosion to […]

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